OpenRC settings

Various parameters are controlled by /etc/rc.conf. Most common tweaks include setting rc_parallel and rc_logger to YES and rc_depend_strict to NO.


Most people will do fine with NetworkManager. For static network configuration it's preferable to install netifrc and edit /etc/conf.d/net for their setup.

User permissions

You can control who has access to and control of what by assigning them to groups. A more than full permission set for the primary user is granted by the following, consider reducing it to only necessary ones:

 usermod -a -G video,audio,input,power,storage,optical,lp,scanner,dbus,adbusers,uucp,vboxusers USER


OpenRC can set the host name either from /etc/hostname or from /etc/conf.d/hostname, with the former taking precedence. Their syntax differs somewhat:





Keyboard configuration in console

A persistent keymap can be set in /etc/vconsole.conf, which is read by runit-rc on start-up. The KEYMAP variable is used for specifying the keymap. If the variable is empty or not set, the us keymap is used as default value. See vconsole.conf(5) (coming soon, but in the meantime you can see Arch's manual which refers to systemd, which is compatible with runit) for all options. For example:




You can set it in /etc/hostname.